Musician Ykee Benda Buys Own Piece of Land

I know this may not be much of a surprise that Musician Ykee Benda is soon going to be constructing his own house and leaving the renting session alone or even set up different money generating projects and keep renting while bringing in more cash but what’s attention grabbing is the fact that he has acquired all this in just a short period of time.

Ykee Benda, an artist under Mpaka Records started his music journey less than two years ago when he released a remix of his song called Famer onto which he featured Sheebah Karungi and ever since then he has never looked back but rather keeps on going higher with now a few days left to release and officially launch his first album called Kireka Boy.

He has also acquired for himself a piece of land at a disclosed location he has not yet shared with us but atleast he has been able to confirm the blessed news with a photo and a caption that raised alot of enthusiasm among his fans.

“Another goal achieved My God never sleeps…I can’t thank you enough my fans  Thanks giving week Pe­rfect timing #2ndDecYkeeFame” said Ykee.


Courtesy: Ug Blizz

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