One And Only lyrics – Navio

Gwe ne muno… Yeah… (oh baby) Navio… (oh baby)
Ha, ladies… (oh baby) Africa oh yeah… (oh baby)

Oh baby yo my one and only (only…)
Oh baby yo my one and only (only…)
But I might take, but I might take… gwe ne muno
But I might take, but I might take… gwe ne muno

Verse 1
She’s the one and only, promise
From the shows, tours, office
Must be on auction with other offers
But I stay true cos she know who the boss is
Try break us but I don’t do losses
I aint Jesus, why they try cross us?
Pay my dues no matter what they cost us
We aint leaving, you can’t force us
She got style, she’s a rider, no saddle
We goin’ back and forth, it aint a battle
I’m thinkin’ dowry, cattle
Damn it I’d do it all for the spouse
Like fall for the house
My UK boys tellin’ me stop assin’ about
Like studio we do a couple of bars
Then we bounce, I’m out


Verse 2
At first I was too sober to meet her
Always been an over-achiever
A lot of cats think I cool with a diva
Cos of the girl that I chose for my feature
But I aint after no tourist
And she doesn’t even hang with performers
She’s already hot, club’s like a solar
I aint a boxer but she’s in my corner
She’s so sick but I don’t get the nausea
She got drive, I’ma call her Porsche
She’s my one and only, use caution
But she’s African, that’s awesome
She like countries let’s tour some
Her and two homies don’t mean a foursome
Girl, you proportion, but if you wanna find me
It’s her eyes that I‘m lost in, this awesome


Verse 3
If not God, do it for my sake
No beef I’m already playing high stakes
The only food for thought on my plate
I want you, dunno who you might take
The closest star, yo the sun to me
Yo hot, just tell me what you want from me
I just brought her to keep you company
Cos truth is, there’s only one for me
Yeah… you could get your friends
I’ma get my friends
But you know who I’m there for right? One.
I tried to warn you… get down… get down…

(Chorus) X2

Oh baby… Oh baby… Oh yeah… Oh lady…
Navio… My African queen…

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