Hip-hop/Luga-flow prince, Gitta Allan Keith a.k.a Santana Karma has yet again collaborated with fresh talent Kemishan to out a kidandali-lugaflow blend in ‘Can’t Stop The Fire’ – one of the songs that will take the industry on a bumpy ride.


Santana intros with a few lines which he fade out with his signature evil laughter, Kemishan joins in with that captivating patois chorus. In between the choruses, Santana chips in with ‘sick’ verses that will leave you footloose and smiley to save the least. By the time Kemishan bridges in last, your shirt will probably be off and you’ll be sweating on a cold day.


‘Can’t Stop The Fire’, produced by DeWeezy ‘On-The-Beat’ from Buddy Music Empire, is the latest of both artiste’s work and is slated to be on the market by close business today.

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