Having witnessed a zillion groups start and split over time, the dynamic duo of The GudLyf still stands. It however is not a miracle that this has been so. In a jaw-dropping revelation, Music analyst, Gidyon walks us through what this music couple has that the ‘The Blu3, Destiny’s Child, Eighton & Rain, The-Ngoni and many more groups didn’t have. According to Gidyon, this unheard of bond is because of various reasons…

  1. The Education; the saying that birds of a feather flock together may not necessarily be true. Via this field, Radio and Weasal are not birds of the same feather. The former has sat in more classrooms than latter so it’s hard to have bond-breaking arguments when there’s both a somewhat knowledgeable and a complete blonde in the same picture. What Radio says goes and Weasal is okay with that.
  2. Hobbies; Usually when you get that friend who you share almost all your hobbies with, you tend to spend more time with them than anyone else and your friendship has more chances of growing tighter by the day…this is no different with Radio and Weasal! They both pride in shisha, booze, women and singing. You can’t break that.
  3. Marital Status; ideally, most bonds are strengthened by secrets. The fact that both these singing sensations are in serious relationships, they obviously have skeletons they know kept in each other’s closets that they wouldn’t want their respective girls to know about. Splitting risks one telling on the other and staying together in solidarity sounds a better option any day. BTW, why did the Blu3 separate?
  4. Goals; both these artistes seem to have similar ambitions and objectives…as to whether they are low or high is up to you but what we know for sure so far is, they both seem to like where they are at and the direction they are headed. No one has yet to surprise the other with dreams of ‘let’s plan on doing a collabo with Drake bruh’…could be the reason they parted from Jeff Kiwa. When people’s visions are different, it’s hard for them to stay in one accord [this must be somewhere in the bible].
  5. Unbalanced Talent; The Destiny’s Child were individually a rare breed talent to fathom and all thought they could stand on their own so the break up was inevitable. Half of you reading this will agree with me that one of the artistes in the awesome GoodLyf pair [who I won’t be too naïve to mention] can’t arguably stand on their own – or so we think! Following this, he is always a good, submissive boy so as to not tempt the other boy into leaving…When the one with talent goes solo once in a while, the other good boy will be the vixen or vex the other into leaving. Just like any couple, where there’s submission, the relationship is sustained!
  6. Perfect Combo; one of the reasons we think these two are still together mostly though is because of the beautiful sound they produce when they pair. Radio’s crisp and hoarse voice sounds like candy to the ear and Weasal’s outcaste vocal ranges complete the duet with sheer beauty!

In a nutshell, compromising your distinctions and embracing your similarities could be the difference between any group’s sinking or swimming with the sharks of the music industry. Against all odds, The GoodLyf brothers continue to thrive to this day!

That is some of what we know are the secrets behind why the GoodLyf is still to

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